Richard Cormier, Wise Owl Joinery Co.

richard-cormierRemember those timber frame buildings and structures that that were built by our forefathers and mothers, no doubt, that outlived their purpose and have often been recycled and repurposed for the next several generations? Well, Richard is an original artisan and craftsman living right here in our very own time warp.  And he is using fresh, local seasoned timber from local forests and building tomorrows history lessons today.

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Richard Cormier, Artisan. Richard owns and operates Wise Owl Joinery Co. in Port Williams. On my first visit to his workshop/studio/showroom, Richard was introducing a group of students to his work. It was both an interesting and entertaining experience. Pride in his craft came through as engaging, endearing, and enlightening. The students couldn’t help but be drawn in by the sincerity and authenticity that Richard evoked. The passion for excellence, the pride of quality and design simply radiate from Richard when he shows off his craft.

Richard works alone much of the time drawing on the expertise of engineers and draftsmen along with fellow artisans who work in authentic iron design and other associated fields. He stores a significant inventory of seasoned and seasoning white pine, juniper, hemlock and eastern white cedar.  And projects of many scales are part of his repertoire, anything from knife-blocks, signs and memory boxes to fences, pavilions and moderate to larger structures.

bookmatched-knee-braces-lgdoor timber-frame trusses

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