When Pigs Fly and My Ass

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When Pigs Fly! My Ass!

When pigs fly and my ass. You’ve been skeptical before. Each of us has at one time or another. When pigs fly you may think my ass. No one is better prepared than Angel, my donkey. She thinks she’s my greatest asset.

When things seem very unlikely the thought that may be provoked is ‘when pigs fly’. While I’m not confident I’m likely to ever see a flying pig I’m somewhat more confident that other unlikely things will occur in the future. This is the day and age of change, the unexpected, the unexplained, the remarkable and even the impossible.

In fact the music playing on my stereo at this very moment is the very unlikely pairing of thought and song…The Impossible Dream.

Many of us have dreams in the world of business and often there are many challenges in fulfilling those dreams.

This article is about an unprecedented tool that members of the buy local, by local business community now have available to them.

I’m not a fan of advertorials yet if I don’t explain this new multi-dexterous tool to you, you may walk by without taking a closer, well deserved, look.

Buy local and by local are 2 popular challenges for local folks like you and me. We likely agree that there is good reason to commit to local yet its easy to stray a different way. Buying online is simple, the expert is the ‘guy from out of town’, the prices are lower, the prices are higher, he or she doesn’t walk the talk so why should I? Surprising how we can justify almost anything when given the time ;-).

Scoops Media is introducing an iGuide for the Annapolis Valley and Fundy Region of Nova Scotia.

Scoops iGuide is like the Swiss Army Knife of low budget, high impact marketing tools for both local businesses and consumers. It combines the powers of print, the web, and radio to:

  • Reward customer loyalty
  • Build community awareness
  • Alert consumers to local businesses

It’s  a loyalty program, a community guide  and a business directory all wrapped within the Scoops Media covers. It’s iGuide.

There is a lot to this ‘by’ local program and ‘buy’ local is the key to its value to consumers and local business and services alike.

As you may already know, I’m an agent for Scoops Media and an advocate of and for local businesses and consumers.

The VIP Club Membership, free to virtually everyone in the region, offers a tremendous opportunity for folks on both sides of the cash register.

Businesses, real estate agents, car salespeople, service providers, trades people, you and I have an opportunity to walk the talk and make a difference in the vibrancy of our local economy. Why not reap the rewards of buy local, by local!

As an independent agent I am committed to this program. I’ve bought in to what I also sell and offer a unique reward to those who purchase their VIP business participation from me. See the iGuide for details of my bonus offer.

Your business can be featured on my blog or even invited to submit a guest blog posting.

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