Freshness Returns with Respect for By-Local and Buy-Local Loyalty

Scallops fundy-restaurant-ltdFreshness returns with respect for by-local and buy-local loyalty. No need to be at a loss when it comes to generating ‘loyalty program’ concepts. That’s a familiar song. Don’t let it be your excuse for not participating.

So let’s talk about ideas for your unique Loyalty program. Think of credible, affordable and creative ways to put a distinctive stamp on your business or service.

Each of us can think of a thousand reasons why we or you can’t do it so let’s set that option aside and truly mine our assets to discover ways you can do it. It’s a very rare business that won’t be able to offer a Buy Local, By Local, Loyalty Program.  Denial is not productive so let’s get on with it.

We’re farming for ideas by simply planting and scattering seeds.  Remember the story of Johnny Apple Seed. Concepts and seeds for concepts suggested here are simply meant to stimulate your own ideas.  Variations, natural mutations and hybridization’s are welcome!

The goal is to generate ongoing return business via actual purchase, referrals, and or word of mouth.

This is a keyword-planting scheme for you to optimize. (Contact me directly for business specific discussions. I’ve often walked in and observed shoes much like yours.)

Automotive Industry: Wash and Clean, Eco Shop Supplies, Used part recycling credits, Referral Rewards, Programed recall and check out, Roadside Programs, Taxi/Rental Rewards, Pick up and Delivery, Transaction Simplicity, Vehicle review and inspections

Health and Esthetic Services: Grand Kids/ Kids are Free, Sample Products and Services, Free Consultations, Bonus Services, Clinic Specific Charitable Donations, Volunteer Recognition, Tip it on (pay it forward), Slow Times Tickets, Related Service Referrals Free, Monthly Prize PackageGrapes in the vineyard at Yost Winery in Malagash

lobster traps-17-14270Food and Restaurants: Time specific Deals, Senior Discount and Food bank rewards, Menu options, No GMO, Diet Specific, Delivery Services, Fresh Food Feasts, Entertainment, Pairing Demos, Cooking Schools, Chef for a Day, No Corkage fees, Corkage Free Tuesday, Guest Chef, Off the menu, Rewards First (Free sample breakfast in a bag for example), Bonus or nearly free add on, Tasters, Samplings, Meet the Farmer, Meet the Producer, Visit the Farmer or ProducerNS Strawberries 411909_446137428751158_495417233_o

Professional Services: Given the Restrictions of Professions many rewards are by connection only so may be represented as Charitable Donations that don’t have a Service=Value ratio in the Normal sense. This doesn’t limit the opportunity to Volunteer or have a charitable nature to the rewards in most cases. Consider benefits for related businesses or services where there may be a reciprocal arrangement for example

Real Estate Sales and Services: Many real estate firms/brokerages have standing relationships with given charities that may be enhanced. See Professional Services above.  Agents may act independently in a similar way. National Loyalty Programs are often allowed so look at how ‘they’ may be adapted to a Local level and scale. Referral appreciation, supplementary ‘included’ services, accommodation or travel rewards

Retail Large Ticket: Delivery perks, Set up/assembly perks, Periodic Service, Complementary Warrantees/Guarantees, Pro-active Price protection, No fault Warranty/Guarantees, Green Practices like voluntary recycling, Green Product practices, Complementary related services, Product maintenance programs, Real response surveys and follow up

Retail Small & Medium Ticket: Clinics, Expert demos, Product Demos, No fault warranties/guarantees, Referral Bonus/s, Customer/Community Recognition, Sponsorships, co-operation with other businesses by location or interests, informal or formal working relationships with related and unrelated customer base, book signings, astrology or astronomy or genealogy workshops

Recreation & Sports: Team sponsorship that’s linked to customer support, hosting and co-hosting completion/s, refereeing, coaching

Community rewards programs, fund raising through activities and actions, Sponsoring guest experts and events or clinics, Competitive awards and community recognition, certifications, complementary ‘golf’ lessons, ‘golf’ or meet a pro, fossil hunts, birding, whale watching, photographyWhales 2012-08-04 at 17-21-50

Home & Garden: Clinics, health seminars, hosting groups, demos, bringing associated activities or concerns together (Chiropractor or physiotherapist or massage therapist etc. with gardeners for example), Bonsai clinic, grafting clinic, beekeeping, food to table, home made preserves or wine or dehydration or garden to table activities, Flower contests, organic and natural versus chemical alternatives, greenhouse workshop, sun-room gardening seminars, landscaping concepts, ponds and waterfalls, wine making, wine tasting, craft beersBlomidon Nursery 1239141_602980459764042_1399712264_o

Charities and Fund Raising: Recognition, Appreciation, Gatherings, Public awareness, Advancements, publications and demonstrations, Public and private motivational gestures or rewards, Shared results, Food bank support or rewards (a form of reciprocity), Sponsorship relationships, open administration fee/policy disclosure

The information shared here is neither specific to nor limited to the interest groups nor the ‘seed’ ideas mentioned. Your ideas and comments are invited and welcomed. When it comes down to it, we are all farmers with fields to prepare, seeds to plant and crops to harvest. Seeds require the encouragement of regular watering and sustained and sustainable care….just like your customers.

Please feel free to contact me with your ideas and suggestions.

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