The Family That Writes Together

IMG_0564The family that writes together usually writes at their own desks and computers. Meet some of the Chute Family tree. I suspect most of this family’s writing interest comes from some undeniable yet unfathomable genetic formula.

We’re not that scientific a family as far as I can tell. Some are more ‘organic’ than others. Certainly the ‘stubborn’ gene is fully encoded. And you can be the judge of the abundance or lack of talent.

The areas of interest are as varied as are the styles, types, and writing genres. No one is left out of this summary intentionally. There are brighter lights ascending; I can hear them coming.

On a ‘youngest first’ basis, please allow me introduce you to Julie Barnes. Julie is ahires talented vagabond, come tourist, come adventurer. Julie grew up in the Halifax-Dartmouth Community, attended Acadia University, discovered Europe and the Far East, stopped over in Ottawa and now resides with her husband Josh in Saskatoon.

Julie’s writing includes a variety of features in the Canadian Press and an interesting blog among other accomplishments. Discover more career detail on LinkedIn. Learn more about Julie’s writing and creative services here.


Ryan Chute shares his writing expertise from within the world of business.  Ryan comes from a background founded in a working   DSC_1420environment. He’s a savvy sales guy who connects with people from every walk of life with a steady bearing. A mind made for the 21st century and superb communication skills serve Ryan well. When your train is or seems to be going off track, Ryan may well be your guy!

From Dale Carnegie to dishing with Dragon’s Den denizens, Ryan’s reached out to personal targets worthy of his grasp. Acadia University schooled him well and I’d like to think he listened to his Dad on occasion too. See his LinkedIn profile or his website. Ryan lives in HRM with his wife Ashley and their two dogs.


Robert Chazz Chute is the next neat guy (not to diminish the neat gal) to be noted here as part of the family that writes together. Rob or Chazz is the Pro with the papers to prove it. A graduate of the University of Kings College Bachelor of Journalism, honors degree, and a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), Rob has been dedicated to the written word from early on.

Rob characterizes himself as a crime novelist. Visit here. And that’s only part of his list of achieveMe B&Wments. Rob has been published with his work as an RMT. Read ‘The Anne Belohorec Story’ here. Blogger, copywriter, podcaster, novelist, writer, dedicated father and husband…what more can I say? Rob and his wife and two children live in London, Ontario.


The senior writer of this family group is not published yet. Earl B Chute has kept a journal for many years and recently started building the bones of his memories, aka memoirs.

At 87, Earl has great recollections of his life ‘til now. Friends, family, associates and connections from his years growing up in Little River, Digby County and Caledonia, Queens County, Nova Scotia; a working career that added greater Queens County, Middleton, Annapolis County and travels to many destinations throughout the world.  If you know Earl you may be mentioned…he has a great memory and remarkable grasp of the recesses of his history and connections.IMG_0032

Over the past year Earl has been writing his fond recollections in a more dedicated fashion for future generations of the Chute family and certainly any other interested parties.

If you have tales, tidbits or quips you’d like to share, please contact Earl by phone or direct your email to me and I’ll pass your contact information along to him. You never know, you could be famous 😉 .

See his Facebook link here. He’s not active on the Facebook platform but this gives you a reasonably current image of him today.


I’m very proud of the creativity and industrious nature of my family. Like most families, there are more writers and notables in the circle; more on them another day.

I’m David E Chute and I live in Waterville, Kings County, part of Nova Scotia’s beautiful Annapolis Valley on a small farm holding with some Irish Dexter Cattle and my donkey Angel.  Media and the written word are part of life on a daily basis. I quite enjoy writing articles for my blog, doing some creative and editing work for friends, marketing associates and customers.

IMG_9049 5x7 - CopyThe environment, organics, endangered livestock breeds, community and helping make my part of the world a better and more successful place…these are things that matter to me. I enjoy people, whether its just watching or talking with or meeting and making new friends…you make me a better person.

You may want to note some of the faces on business articles found elsewhere on this blog/website . Maybe you’ll inspire my ink for my next link?

Please feel free to connect with me at any time. Are you another of the Chutes of the World with a story to share?

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