Shelburne Travel . Calm ~ Experience Life Beyond the Ordinary

Shelburne Travel . Calm  Experience life beyond the ordinary. Embracephotogclass 018 a way of life many of us miss without consciously knowing. The roads more traveled can be more complex and distracting than we recognize. ‘Calm’ needs to be experienced in order to appreciate its impact and value. When you’re in the middle of the faster lane, it may not be obvious until you’ve moved into and experienced the slower lane. In the Shelburne Region of Nova Scotia you have the opportunity to experience ‘life beyond the ordinary’! It’s generally very calm and calming.

‘Life beyond the ordinary’ includes all types of travel styles. The motivation to find your way to our Region can include any number of reasons. Perhaps its work, other times play and perhaps more often, just because.photogclass 016

The potential of love drew me here and its love that keeps me here. The Calm is a personal discovery. It could be described as an invisible mist that’s uniquely ‘Shelburne’, yet it’s very difficult to put your fingers on. No surprise is that many travelers that have come for a visit come back again and again or simply come and stay. And the magic in the air is equally difficult to describe for most.

Feeling, often becomes believing. As a life long resident it may be more difficult to understand that mystique. And just in case you think I’m trying to sell perfection or Utopia…it’s not Brigadoon either, though many may feel that way.

Now that I’ve got the ‘spin’ part off my chest I want to help you explore the area with your new eyes. This time round it will be my eyes though I invite others, perhaps you, to share your experience and perspective. Perhaps we’ll be able to add your thoughts and pictures to future posts in this blog.

As Hosts in Accommodation Hospitality Pat and I make it part of our self-education to become more aware of our local area as well as the greater Nova Scotia reality on an ongoing basis. Fortunately, as members of The Inns of Nova Scotia (was: Unique Country Inns of Nova Scotia) we are able to gain province-wide appreciation that isn’t as accessible for many others.

Shelburne has many wonderful attributes. It all starts with the people that call it home.It is steeped in history with the story of the United Empire Loyalists being significant.

The Cooper’s Inn was constructed, starting in 1784 and has witnessed the passage of time like few others. If only the Inn could talk. In this blog we’ll try to find and share bits and pieces of that story.

Will you be exploring your ancestry and want to learn more? Shelburne Harbour is considered by many to be the 3rd ranked natural harbmisc 201our in the world, after Sydney, Australia and Havana, Cuba. Explore. From dories to whirligigs and music to musicians to unique back country, the sailing school and more.  Explore.misc 086

There’s so much to share. It can’t all be written here in one sitting. You’re invited to join us as we share our experiences and knowledge of ‘life beyond the ordinary’.