Protecting Your Assets Starts Beyond the Welcome Mat

Make that a 'Warm' welcomeProtecting your assets often starts beyond the welcome mat that sits just inside or just beyond your front door. How do we manage to get some things so very right and others so very wrong?

I admit my guilt. Some, who know me, know the obvious. ‘I’m not perfect, far from it.’

When most of us have guests visit our homes, whether invited or not, we generally are warm, gracious and thoughtful…it’s our way.

Those of us privileged to meet and greet customers and potential customers in our place of business don’t always carry the warmth, graciousness, and thoughtful congeniality that are consistent with our home, friends and family on to our workplaces.

Not everyone that comes through my doorway is a customer or potential customer?  While that thought may be true in the absolute sense it is my contention that it is wrong…wrong…WRONG!

We generally agree that ‘word of mouth’ is at least in some way consistent with 70% to 80% of our business success. It’s goodwill, happy previous customers, testimonials, charitableness, ethics, friendly service, expertise, convenience and many other things all wrapped up under ‘word of mouth’  that tally on this scorecard.

So why does the ‘one timer’ coming by to solicit assistance for a good cause, the courier guy, the competition, the cold caller and others get a chilly shoulder? There are likely lots of reasons; not likely any that your favorite Aunt Louise or Uncle Abe would ever witness at your ‘other’ welcome mat.

This is most often not a deliberate action but rather a reaction to the stress of busy lives doing something ‘more important’ when the ‘interruption’ arrives…

I’ve walked in these shoes and I’m not proud of the way I may have welcomed and valued these ‘interruptions’. I was friendly and warm most of the time; certainly not always. If I’ve offended you…please accept my most sincere and humble apologies.

‘I’m not perfect, far from it.’  Sensitivity is often misjudged or misunderstood. Most of us need to take ‘a moment’ before greeting the next guest coming through our front doorway.

Take a moment and imagine you’re the one in their shoes. They may never be your customers yet they could be your greatest ally or confidant or viral promoter of your business.

“Word of Mouth’ works two ways.  Twenty ‘likes’ can be more than offset by one ‘dislike’. Word of mouth is built on reputation and positive action.  A soiled reputation and inaction can offset years of genuine and positive word of mouth in the time it takes to share a ‘word’ or even a ‘look’. Body language gets us in trouble too.

The welcome mat extends beyond your doorway. It extends into your community. It extends to every ‘next person’ you meet.

A genuine smile and a warm welcome are steps one and two to good ‘word of mouth’.

“ Take a moment and imagine you’re the one in their shoes.”


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