Protect Your Assets


Meet Angel. Angel is a smart ass. She knows that your loved ones and your legacy are important. She know that protecting your credit and your livelihood are crucial.

Understanding your rights, your beneficiaries rights, and your tax implications all play out in a crisis or death.


“Your an ass if you procrastinate.” ~Angel


My goal is to help you and your loved ones BEFORE a time of need, including:

  • an accidental death of you or a loved one
  • a critical or disabling illness or injury
  • a terminal disease
  • being named power of attorney or executor to an estate
  • dealing with wills and insurances
  • business succession planning

Being prepared, organized, and setting up your estate to optimize the legacy you can leave to your loved ones is a major relief when complete, and a nightmare when left undone. Take it upon yourself to start tackling these important aspects of your life, so as to improve the life of your loved ones during or following a death or crisis.

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