Pat Lane: My Water Guy

Young woman washing face under the stream of water - blue backgroundVirtually every region of our fair province is subject to the mineral qualities, agricultural policies, or even the plumbing that connects and collects in all our homes. The Annapolis Valley and Fundy Region are not unique in this regard.

For me, I live in an area that has a fairly high acidity level in the water and it has an orange stain that it deposits on sinks and toilet bowls with ruthless disregard for my decorating and maintenance habits. When operating a Certified Organic Farm and now maintaining Certified Naturally Grown status a regular water analysis is done to assure the quality of farm product and produce is acceptable. Fortunately, this part was never an issue. It did, however, come down to acidity and iron in my water. I actually had to replaced all of my copper plumbing before taking the step of having a mineral-chemical analysis and the subsequent installation of water filters. Had I known, a great deal of worry and expense could have been avoided, had the proper treatment systems been installed initially.

The resolution…I called in my water guy, Pat Lane. Pat travels around much of Western Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley, South Shore, and Fundy region turning on taps and taking samples and helping resolve water issues. Whether it’s a rather minor concern like mild sedimentation or that green stain, an ‘off’ odor or more severe contamination that may be organic in nature or even something like arsenic; we all need to be proactive in protecting ourselves, our children and neighbours. Often a simple water test by an expert will suffice. Other times a more finite lab analysis may be required.

If you are building a new home or moving to a new location, water tests are often standard protocol. They may not tell you everything you need to know, and just because you’re on a central supply system it doesn’t necessarily preclude the need for closer study. If you are moving or feel your water isn’t quite right, call my water guy, Pat Lane. You’ll feel better knowing that your water is safe and healthy for you and your loved ones.

Water is our most precious resources and most certainly, life depends on it.

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