Some People Live On Islands

and some of us wish for islands…

Stepping Stone Heritage Farm

Stepping Stone Heritage Farm

At Stepping Stone Heritage Farm it feels a lot like that enchanted island where dreams are for living. The Cornwallis River snakes its way around a large section of the farm through high summer meadow grass and seasonal changes in water levels.  Leaves bud, then bloom and create a privacy screen around the Farm.

Summers are glorious. Take a quick refreshing dip in the brook. There’s a great swimming hole by the bridge when it gets too hot.  It’s a private spot and even has a sandy beach. The trout don’t seem to mind. There’s even a vagabond heron that resides nearby for the season.

Fall brings those famous harvest colors and cooler nights and more varieties of birds. Three huge Sugar Maples dominate the the entry to this very special hideaway.

Forest, fields, and meadow and pasture along with the meandering brook complete the picture of this Certified Naturally Grown (standard) sanctuary. Angel (the donkey) calls it home.

Whether it’s mom and her fawn or a wily fox or squawking pheasant; the nature of it all is a place where stories are told and often unfold.

In the winter there’s always enough snow, whatever that may be. You know spring is on the way by the arrival of the seed catalogs. What will we plant next spring?

You could be the author of the next chapter….Will Stepping Stone Heritage Farm be the Nova Scotia farm you choose for your future?

Inquires are welcome.


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