My Annapolis Valley

I know I’m almost home when I see this sign.

Vetrans Memorial View Park

The Annapolis Valley is the heartland of Nova Scotia’s agricultural, fishery, and forestry resources. While opinions differ of just what constitutes the actual borders of this space, you may find my definition acceptable. My Annapolis Valley is so very closely aligned with the rest of Nova Scotia that no matter where the borders are the spirit of Nova Scotia permeates.

All Nova Scotians recognize and are bound to the remarkable history of the Bluenose even though we may not live in Lunenburg or Lunenburg County.  The Bay of Fundy is certainly one of the most famous landmarks in our world. It boasts Digby scallops, Atlantic lobster and the world’s highest tides.

While some may not recall that Berwick boasts being the Appitle Capital of Nova Scotia, few would argue that when any Nova Scotian speaks of the Valley that they generally mean the Annapolis Valley. Apples, wineries, Blomidon Point, and many other special memories.

Perhaps your interest is in Windsor, the birthplace of hockey? Maybe you or someone close to you attended Kings Edgehill, Acadia University, or College Sainte Anne?  Someone once said that there are Nova Scotians and those who want to be Nova Scotians. Visitors are always welcome!

Needless to say, no matter what part of Nova Scotia you call home, I hope my Annapolis Valley is one of your favorites.

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