Monuments And Memorials. How Will You Be Remembered?

As the saying goes, ‘the only sure things in life are death and taxes”. How will you leave a sign of your times? A monument or some other memorial are certainly more interesting than any amount of taxes we paid. Some of us plan in advance; others leave the planning to others. You may not fall into either group. On the off chance that you plan on living forever, could you spare a few moments and tell me how that works?

For the most part the sign of your times is that gravestone monument that marks where you are resting for the rest of eternity (in body, if not in spirit). Keystone Monuments in Berwick is a locally owned supplier of  markers, monuments, and memorials. They will help you share your life and times or those of someone special to you. Elaine Johnstone, owner of Keystone Monuments, represents the advantages of pre-planning as well as the sensitive nature to plan with those who may be left behind.

Not to be insensitive, but there are also the monetary considerations that may play a role in your decision making. If my dad wants an 8 foot monument of a team of fiery black horses to oversee the head of his resting place, my dad would spring for it in advance.

Monuments are the memorials that mark the life and passage of our friends and family, our loved ones…the in laws and yes the out laws too. Some of us make arrangements on a pre-need basis; others leave it to the will of others. Choosing a memorial can be a sensitive and trying decision for some, while others have a more fateful outlook to the need.

I have personally found Elaine to provide a comfortable and caring setting for making these choices and decisions.

You may live a life where you always have sensitivity to do the right thing or the sense of timing to be proactive.  Life isn’t always that predictable. Make your wishes known. In the event, that proactive becomes reactive due to unforeseen circumstances, your survivors or representatives should be clearly and reasonably able to represent your wishes.

May the ‘sign of your times’ be the message you want to share and leave for the future.

Reflect, Remember, Regenerate

As I think about it…my choice is to share my ashes with the wind and have a memorial granite bench overlooking a scenic vista…a pastoral pasture as a reflective memento for those left for that day they’ll call now.

Elaine could help with that too.

“Veni, vidi, vici”


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