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‘Mere Enough Health Foods’ shares enough with four words to encourage a closer look at healthy food and nutrition habits.

The word ‘passion’ comes to mind when you talk with Teresa and Tony vanWilgenberg.  Very little is more intriguing than meeting people who trust their beliefs and science of life in their backyards and kitchens and live to share it with everyone that has a curiosity or interest.

Healthy lifestyle alternatives have come full circle in recent generations.  Natural, at one time, was indeed ‘natural’.  Mother Nature provided the cause and the cure. Natural life cycles have been hybridized and synthesized and in many, if not most ways, improved.

The challenge comes from trying to outguess the natural intellect of Mother Nature. It’s not always easy to know what is right or what is best.

It’s a ‘work in progress’ as we often hear. Some ‘science’ may meet with your approval yet not mine.  C’est la vie.  Indeed, that is life. This reality is where Teresa and Tony take up the flag of progress, as they perceive it. Kudos to them!


The way Teresa explains it, ‘’… healthy kids and home, simple clean lifestyle, sound knowledge on health and nutrition. We have the ability to take advice from others and listen to others as well. It is good to constantly learn and share what you know.’’

What sets your business apart? “ We are not or will we ever be on the ‘Trend Mill’. A healthy lifestyle really doesn’t change that much. Our store has a basic healthy grocery section, some great ‘green’ cleaning 003(1)-2supplies and a rock solid supplement wall. We are kind to all of our customers. We special order, we will deliver, post orders. Our small store is very accessible, clean and we are eager to help.”

What are the challenges of today and how might they impact the future? “Bad trends. It’s been trends/fads that have rendered us the state we’re in now. So while everyone is running to keep up with what’s new (and may or may not work), we’ll just plug away, keep real food and your important supplements in stock and at reasonable prices. Good health doesn’t change that drastically from day to day.”

Community and personal interests for the VanWilgenberg family revolve around family health and happiness. There’s always a smile and a curiosity. Think of the good ole days when every home 216-2had a large family garden plot. Good food, grown at home and filling the kitchen with the fragrance of freshness and the knowledge that its good for one and all… they’re virtually the urban dictionary definition of ‘urban homesteader ’ down to the woodstove and the vintage radio with static and all.


When you meet them you’ll immediately know you like them…even if you don’t agree with their lifestyle philosophy 100%.

Congratulations to Teresa and Tony and your loving Family!

You’ll know you’re in ‘mere enough’ good hands when you walk through the doorway of their ‘alternative living’ Health Food store.

…just because it ‘feels right.’

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