Challenges at every age from preschool, home-school


Challenges at every age from preschool, home-school, no-school and ‘am I fooling myself’ or ‘am I fooling with his or her life’ or ‘is that the guiding star I need to focus upon?’ And the complication is that you may not have ‘been there or done that’.

Do you associate with Push Me or Pull You element of this uncertainty? Do you feel you were or will be dropped off in the middle of somewhere without the advantage of a boxed lunch, let alone a road map? Uncharted terrain can be overwhelming and costly, physically and fiscally and more.

Experiences teach many lessons if we keep our minds open and work with them. Often the biggest challenges in expanding our education and associated future, our career path, come from lack of self-understanding. Few of us are so totally self-aware and self-assured that we know beyond any reasonable doubt the path of our future.

It may be the understanding and influence of others that assist in the construction of the path we choose. Do you trust yourself or those close to you or do you think you might be more objective by seeking independent guidance?

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Bryan Tinlin. picture of Bryan for LinkedInshadow20pixelsBryan offers independent academic advice and council.  Bryan’s motto, ‘It’s about your best interest’, sets him apart from the influences of friends, family, ‘my’ school or ‘their’ institution.

Yes, Bryan is an independent adviser who makes you the guiding participant, the one, who will ultimately determine where you want to go and what you want and can do in the future months and years ahead.

You recognize that you’re uncertain about what paths to consider. Your friends and family are so close that you’re unclear whether their interests are what are right or best for you or perhaps them?

In Bryan’s own words, “The primary reason I chose this industry was to guide students and their parents in their effort to make the right decisions when it comes to university or college. There’s a lot of pressure to decide what to do, where to attend, and when to attend university or college. With over 13 years experience and having met with over 8,000 students I understand the pressures that come with those decisions.

I have earned a master’s degree in the social sciences. This means I understand the student perspective because I was a student for seven years. I also have 13 years experience working in areas of recruitment, project management, and most importantly academic advising. I have met with over 8,000 students in my career and I can honestly say that I understand student struggles like no one else. Finally, I understand the university and college jargon, processes, systems, rules and regulations. This is very handy for students who have trouble knowing what to ask.

My service is independent from any college or university. That means that I’m not bound by recruiting quotas, retention or graduation statistics. The aim of my service is not to serve an institution but rather serve the best interest of my clients. That’s why my motto is: ‘It’s about your best interest’.

I take great pleasure in knowing that I’ve provided students with important information and guidance that will ultimately help them make good decisions for their future education.”

One of my favorite lines goes like this… ‘You know what you know, you know what you don’t know, yet you don’t know what you don’t know.’ Sometimes you have to think about it a bit. This is where Bryan’s help can be most effective. He can assist you in understanding what you know, clarifying what you don’t know, and perhaps most important…. Expanding your knowledge in the areas you don’t know you don’t know.

While this might sound like play on words it is parallel to the challenge Bryan faces in launching a new business. It’s about sharing knowledge and finding folks that don’t know what they don’t know. And you’re right…no one knows everything.

Bryan knows that he enjoys serving his community and spending time with his wife and young family. He knows he can often help people like you and people you may know, people that can benefit from his assistance.

Tinlin Academic Advising and Consulting is very much by local. I encourage you to buy local when you’re in need of educational consulting. With the advantages we enjoy with the World Wide Web Bryan’s services are available in many parts of Nova Scotia on an individual or group meeting basis as well as virtually on your computer anywhere you live.

You may want or need to attend this Seminar:  On May 18, 2013 Bryan will be offering offering a unique opportunity for university bound students to get the inside scoop on what it takes to be an academically successful student. The cost is only $25.00 and students can bring one parent or guardian for free. Register online today. Go to and click on University 101 or click on:



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