Heidi Pearce Photography

Heidi Pearce

Titled: Many Faces

H Pearce Photography is a newer kid on the block in the Annapolis Valley Region. She’s fresh and full of enthusiasm and talent along with a special love of nature and animals, allowing this artist to connect uniquely with her subjects.

You may have heard of Angel….my Angel, that is…She’s a very gentle and loving and somewhat opinionated donkey. She lives with me here at Stepping Stone Heritage Farm. Perhaps I should add that Angel is not a house pet, though I believe she’d like to be. She’s been a special part of my family for many years. Originally she came to the farm as a guard donkey for sheep. The sheep are gone but certainly not Angel.  My grandchildren love to ride her and feed her treats.

You might think I’m getting off track here. That’s not the case. Look at Angel’s Portrait and tell me that the Photographer didn’t capture the image just right?

While Angel may never look better, this recent image of her will always be cherished.  Photographer Heidi Pearce not only took Angel’s picture, she interpreted the feeling that I have when Angel and I have our morning chats. Angel is so special to me. Let’s face it, donkeys quite often have attitude. Angel is no exception. She has opinions on most everything and isn’t afraid to complain when she feels like it.

Imagine your child riding for the first time or competing at the local 4H Pony Club or your family picnic at the shore or perhaps a treasured view or family member? Pets are people too, right? Then imagine those special moments being captured for all time in professional photographic images.

If you are looking for a talented, creative photographer fro headshots to family photos, to glam pet shots like Angel’s, give Heidi a call. She’s awesome!

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Heidi Pearce
PS: The featured image is one taken by Heidi. Take a closer look. See the crow? See the ‘eyes’ peering out from the cave, the misty fog off the Bay of Fundy or the many faces and images hidden among the rocks and embankment? Amazing.

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