Carry An Emergency Contact Card

Emergency Contact Card

An Emergency Contact Card…never be without one!

That’s right! The most important information required may be as simple as the information found on a little card that shares the contact information of your primary next of kin.

It’s important to note that whomever you choose should be aware of your needs.

Perhaps their capacity is that of your Power of Attorney and has access to your Medical Directive.  Your emergency contact card should list the person or persons who have written, legal authorization to speak for you when you are unable.

Reliable 24/7 access is most desirable. There are services available that assure the best possible protection. When it comes to life, death, and incapacitation, this is one risk where you’re best advised to procrastinate tomorrow!

Please note: No claim is made or implied that any advice given here is any more than advice. When investigating or creating any legal document you should always secure the services of a Lawyer in good standing with expertise in your field of inquiry.

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