Choosing a Good Executor

Choosing a Good ExecutorWhen choosing a good Executor, there are many considerations to be made. Once a suitable candidate or candidates have been found will they be willing to assume the responsibility?

Individuals that have had the task are often unwilling to do it again. That may suggest that it is not a task to be taken on or offered without thorough deliberation.

A couple of points that should be made first. An Executor’s role begins at time of death. An Administrator’s role begins at the time of judicial appointment. If there is no will or the elected Executor is unwilling or unable to perform the function at the time of death, it then becomes the responsibility of the courts to select an Administrator to perform that function.

Another related issue could be the one of determining that the will ‘in hand’ is indeed the most current will of the deceased. Remember Howard Hughes …it took years in the courts to satisfy that particular case… those costs took a terrific toll on the value of his Estate.

So, who should you choose when choosing a good Executor?

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