Check Out My Sweet Ass Farm

AngelIt’s not embarrassing to admit. I talk to my ass, Angel! She’s my donkey.

Perhaps you’d like to meet Angel? She thinks she’s my greatest asset.

Angel and I discuss many things…from her attitude to mine, the world we live in, and the world we’d like to live in. It’s not an idle discussion. Angel does communicate in her own ass-inine way.

While thinking about this post I googled ‘kick ass’ and came up with an interesting connection, where notable Canadians are the topic. While I didn’t look to see how many represent Nova Scotia or the Annapolis Valley for that matter, my Angel did come to mind.

Rick Mercer was quoted saying, “so why not Angel?”, and while he and Angel may be kick ass,  I ‘m pretty confident neither of them would take that literally.

Angel is a kick ass ass…in a very good way. Her picture is all over the Internet from Donkey Magazines to Real Estate sites to blogs and beyond.  Just google Angels assets and see what you find! Keep in mind, Angel is not a biker  nor an investment guru. She’s a donkey, and she lives in Annapolis Valley,  Nova Scotia.

She’s an intriguing teenager. She loves small children. Gentle, a bit impatient, a bit demanding, loyal, and she’d say, photogenic, if you could understand some of what she’s saying (it helps if you can read donkey lips).

She understands that I’m searching for a perfect Guardian for her.

Angel has never been to Halifax or Digby; she has traveled from Perth-Andover, through Woodstock, Fredericton, Moncton, Amherst, the Wentworth Valley and past Truro, and Halifax’s Robert Stanfield International Airport, and down the 101 past Windsor, Wolfville, and Kentville, nearly to Berwick.

Her traveling companion on her road trip was ‘Jack’ (another donkey hitching a ride to Oaklawn Farm Zoo) and a small flock of Navajo Churro sheep underfoot.

Not one wooly thread was out of place when she arrived at Stepping Stone Heritage Farm.

Angel loves it here on the farm, as I do.  The reality of life is that it’s time for a new custodian to take over the reins and become Angel’s guardian. Angel lives a very natural and organic lifestyle. She really does have simple needs. Love, understanding, and regular meals.

Will you be Angel’s new guardian? Why not come check out my sweet ass farm for sale!?!

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