By Local Buy Sandra’s Country Treasures, Berwick, Annapolis Valley

Sandras Country Treasures

By Local Buy Sandra’s Country Treasures, Berwick, Annapolis Valley













By Local Buy Sandra’s Country Treasures, Berwick, Annapolis Valley. Buying Local in Annapolis Valley, Fundy Region,  Nova Scotia and certainly communities far beyond impacts local economies in many ways.

Sandra’s Country Treasures on Route 1 in South Berwick could be the poster store for ‘by’ local in Western Nova Scotia. Certainly buying local ‘by’ local adds more meaning and value.

When it comes to walking the talk I generally think of myself as being very conscious about buying close to home. It makes sense to support the businesses and individuals who support you and me by being fiscally active in their circles.  When its grown here or made here, I personally feel, it is more satisfying, rewarding and enjoyable.

There are at least 3 spellings of ‘buy’ and ‘by’ and ‘bye’.

This time I’m thinking of ‘by’ …as in made ‘by’ local or produced ‘by’ local or a service provided ‘by’ local growers, artisans, producers or harvesters.

Why Sandra’s Country Treasures? For the most part the arts, crafts, antiques and more at this unique shop are created right here in Nova Scotia by Nova Scotians. What could be more ‘by’ local?

Local artisans make everything from woodcarvings to exceptional collector dolls to birdhouses to Christmas décor.  You’ll find glass art pieces, signage and sconces and numerous ‘by’ local treasures far too numerous to mention.  Did I mention unique furniture items…

Sandra’s Country Treasures is the kind of shop where you need to return often to capture the unexpected and elusive before someone else scoops it up.

Unique ‘made in Nova Scotia’ items are supplemented with a scattering of import items and antiques of yesteryear that may have a story to accompany them or a story that only you can imagine.

The significance of ‘by local’ may not be obvious?

Buying, ‘by’ local is about keeping your money in your own or a nearby community. It represents a greener impact on the environment. It helps reduce the impact of things like population shrinkage or relocation. It has the ability to help keep everyone’s taxes lower. It’s a way to make our money talk. Buy local, by local.

Whether it’s a bit of personal interest, a decorative accent or the perfect gift for a special someone, you owe it to yourself to include an adventure to Sandra’s Country Treasures to your itinerary.

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