Local Author: Burton Russell

Burton RussellPerhaps Burton Russell taught you English or was your hockey coach when you attended Kings County Academy (KCA) in Kentville, Annapolis Valley?

Every once in a while I am fortunate to find myself in the presence of someone like Burton. Burton is a warm and charming individual with a sharp mind that’s tuned-in and connected to a great deal of our regions sporting past as well as the developing present. He is engaging and entertaining. It might be baseball, hockey, or perhaps horse racing, or basketball. I suspect the list could go on.

Over the years, Burton has written 11 books on Nova Scotia sports with particular focus on hockey and baseball. Some people choose to travel in their retirement. Burton chooses to spend his travel time meeting people and researching his next book. The ‘next’ book is a work in progress. It will be about some of Nova Scotia’s Senior Baseball history.

While Burton is well connected and knowledgeable it would please him a great deal to digest and perhaps to record your back ground information and knowledge as he continues to research the next one. It’s all about people for Burton.

You can learn more about Burton HERE. Get your copy of Burton’s latest book, Acadia’s Hockey Axemen, by contacting Burton Russell at: (902) 678-3658 or by email; burton.russell@ns.sympatico.ca

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