Are you a Farmer too?

Annapolis Valley

Each of us makes connections every day. Even a hermit connects with someone or something that is familiar in his community…even if it’s the ‘house mouse’ Alfred. Not every Farmer owns a plot of land in the country beside a welcoming stream or just on the outskirts of his or her nearest town.

Imagine if you will that most entrepreneurs are in fact, Farmers at heart. The heart of the matter is that a successful Farmer does something he or she loves. It may be growing herbs or raising donkeys, raising chickens for eggs or meat or selling mini homes to John Q from logs farmed from his forest farm.

A Farmer chooses his spot or plot, prepares the soil, plants his crop, tills and nurtures it through to harvest, cashes in and plans, then plants for the next season. There may be a rotation of crops to maintain good tillage and soil health or it may be the next litters of pigs or the trail horses she raises and trains for the dude ranch next door.

Take this thinking one step farther and relate it to your business or service. Think of your business or the one you patronize as a Farm or Farmer kind of thing. A Farmer doesn’t often succeed without preparation and planning and maintenance and consideration for the unexpected, even the expected for that matter. And you don’t continue to patronize a business that provides poor service, do you?

Successful businesses are often a commitment to something you’re passionate about. It might be transmissions; it might be photography, or cooking Annapolis Valley apple pies. Whatever your business passion it is most often most successful when it is well planned, seeded, nurtured and cared for and then harvested. Often the care continues well past that first harvest for months, years or even generations. In the end, reap what you sew.

So are you a Farmer too?

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