Are those the Family Jewels?

dm reid jewlerySometimes you meet people that are genuine a fountain of information. Dave Reid is one of those people.  He loves what he does and it’s easy to tell.  I often have the opportunity to read his articles in The Scoop before they go to print. Dave’s articles are informative, helpful and thoughtful.

It’s one eye opener after another. Did you see the one about the watch battery, the rubber mallet, and phone book? Not long after I read that article I went into a shop and the fellow behind the counter was replacing a battery for a customer. An hour later I walked by the shop once again and the fellow was still working on the same project!

My take on it was that during a busy time the shop was loosing customers due to the unfavorable wait time.  The fellow doing the work was not qualified and the watch looked like it deserved an expert no matter what its value. Will that customer go back or should he go back? For me, it sets off a doubtful thought pattern, not sure about you? There’s a big difference between saving a buck and saving a family treasure, to say nothing of time.

One of the challenges many of us have is that our own expertise is not always on point. We know how to drive a nail, or not, yet we don’t have a clue about how to properly clip another kind of nail. That’s to be expected. After all there aren’t many folks who are experts on everything…and I know what you may be thinking…just leave it alone 🙂

Is your ring exotic or noble? Dave will be sharing that story in February.  Have you seen his article: ‘Caring for Your Jewellery’ in the January issue of Scoops? Where ever or what ever you bought or own from the jewellery department, you need to know some great information on how to look after it.

Sometimes you or I go away to another area and get caught up in the thrill of the moment and purchase a memento from anchors away and get home and find that the value is remarkable only in the sense that it was remarkably overpriced or incredibly flawed in spite of the pitch that sounded so good.Often, value is more sentimental than monetary. If that’s the case then there is even more merit in making sure that care for the condition be maintained for your favorite niece or nephew’s heirloom.That’s when a trip to a local and respected jeweller like Dave at Reid Jewellers may ensure those family jewels are everything you want them to be for the longest time possible.

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